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Welcome to My Gallery and Online Store

I was born in 1982, United States, and execute large scale, highly detailed original acrylic paintings of various subject matters, typically in themed “series” of six or more per set. My last series was 2018’s “Brave New World” based on the 1932 British science fiction dystopian novel by Aldous Huxley.



Shop for Original Art and Fine Art Prints

The place to see all Ian Young paintings, order prints and acquire originals. Paintings are organized by era, and style, in near perfect chronological order by date of completion.


Fine Art Prints on Paper and Canvas

Most of my originals may be purchased as Fine Art Giclee Prints. Published images are available on matte paper as well as fine art paper and canvas.

All paper prints are limited-edition hand-signed and numbered by me personally ready for framing.


See My Art Live and View Photos from Past Shows

Catch me live at different galleries across the United States.

Mass collection of show photos featuring the originals with the artist and fans. Find out which paintings were shown at which shows, on which dates, and look up the setlists of the shows you or your friends attended!

Shop for Original Paintings and Prints

Original Acrylic Paintings for Sale

All original paintings feature an insane amount of color and detail, and will impress your friends for years to come. Originals are very well cataloged and sure to appreciate in time. Originals come with certificate of authenticity. Order your conversation piece today!

Fine Art Prints for Sale

These fine art prints will impress your friends and take over a room, for a fraction of the price of the originals. They are hand signed by the artist, and come in a variety of sizes to fit any wall space. Have the coolest wall art in your social circle, order today!

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