Show – 05-17-2018 – “Art Of Videocade” V.I.P. Opening – Peekaboo Gallery, 40 Mills Pl. Pasadena CA, USA

"Art Of The Videocade"

"Donkey Kong" entry.

In late March 2018, I received an email from art director Matt Kennedy, inviting me to show a batch of arcade paintings at a new gallery he was operating in California starting in May.

I drove eleven paintings from Kansas City to Los Angeles in mid April 2018, and met Matt and gallerist Jordan Reicek while the space was still being set up. ?

I stopped at several National Parks and National Monuments on the way there and back, including Malpais National Monument in New Mexico, one of the main settings of the ?Brave New World? series I was currently working on when I received the invitation.

A month later I flew back to Los Angeles and attended the VIP show where I met several influential people from the video game art world.? I met James Kelly, who did the original painting for the Raiders Of The Lost Ark atari cover, and got to see the original painting in person.? I met Tim Lapetino, the author of ?The Art Of Atari?.? And I also met Richie Bisso, President and CTO of Hyperkentic Studios.

On May 26th, the Peekaboo Gallery opened to the general public.

With Matt and Jordan Reichek (right), animator and gallerist

With Richie Bisso, President Of "Hyperkenetic" gaming co.

With art director and curator Matt Kennedy

With Tim Lapetino, author of legendary "Art of Atari" book

With Jim Kelly, artist of Radiers Of The Lost ark Atari game

Kevin Stein, Daisuke Okamoto, and Matt Kennedy