2009 Therapy Paintings

All Paintings In This Series Are Acrylic On Panel

Black And White Thinking, c. Jan. 2009, 24"x36" (61cmx91cm) SOLD to Ninian Dias, Sydney Australia. Click image for print options.

A take on the psychological condition where everything is either good or bad, with no middle ground or compromise. The scene is of a surreal psychotherapist’s office. The block letter walls represent the patient’s attempts to find the correct line of thinking to “cure” them of their mental ills, while the child smiles and plays with them instead, unaware such ills exist. The sad moon in the sky is surrounded by stars – depressed at the natural world around him. The happy sun surrounded by pills turns his attention inward, where his chemical state allows him to feel like a child until a prescription refill is necessary. The pill bottle label in the middle of the painting reads “Quality Dependency” representing adult consumer needs to purchase them, along with self help books and trips to the doctor in order to feel adequate enough to deal with reality.

Goth Grocery, c. Feb. 2009, 24"x36" (61cmx91cm) SOLD to William Krueger, Tinley Park IL, USA. Click image for print options.

Simply a gore themed painting for Halloween and horror movie fans. I almost called it “Cannibal Grocery”, but that seemed too specific and didn’t add much in terms of mystery or surrealism, even though it’s probably a more accurate title. “Goth Grocery”, by comparison, gives off a strange vibration.? I was working in a factory the day after I had seen a documentary about illegal organ extraction on the black market, and thought of what it might look like to keep organs in a giant factory warehouse, as if they didn’t need refrigeration.? On sale for black magicians, when a legitimate family stumbles upon the clandestine operation by mistake. It’s shock value for the sake of shock value, nothing more.?

Orgasmless, c. March 2009, 24"x30" (61x76cm) SOLD to Craig Pierce, Lawndale CA, USA. Click image for print options.


The tragic state of complete asexuality. A young woman sits frigid and frozen on the bed, unable to enjoy the average vanilla sexual experience the rest of the world celebrates. She has tried, repeatedly, to understand what the big deal is, and just can’t. She sees it on TV, the movies, magazines, knows it’s what keeps the human race going but still avoids and detests it. Tears freeze on her face knowing she’ll never find true love without succumbing to such an embarrassing and degrading act on a regular basis. Meanwhile the temperature keeps?

Household Highs, c. April 2009, 30"x40" (76x102cm) AVAILABLE. Click image to purchase original.

A painting about solvent abuse and huffing, designed as a children’s theme park. I broke the piece down into sections highlighting each of the most popular options; coolant, gasoline, nail polish, art supplies and keyboard cleaner. Irreversible organ failure, permanant brain damage, coma, and even death may result. Many kids learn the lesson the hard way, illustrated here, strewn about the park, brainstems deprived of oxygen, writhing in agony, others dead. Enter at your own risk, you do not have to be this tall to ride.

Inadequate Intimacy, c. May 2009, 30"x24" (76x61cm) SOLD to Paul Macrae, Los Angeles CA, USA. Click image for print options.

The painted state of pornography addiction. A condition in which the subject, typically male, would rather have sexual relationships with pornographic magazines, tapes, DVDs, sex toys and blow up dolls than actual people. Social awkwardness, acute discomfort around their preferred gender or body type and sexual performance anxiety are classic symptoms. The bright side of affliction is not having to deal with the emotional highs and lows of dating, sex, and love. Nevermind the time saved in avoiding these activities. Some scientists even argue that greedily masturbating to orgasm produces one stronger than the “real thing”. What than, becomes the “real thing”?

Laughing In The Dark, 24"x36" c. June 2009, 24"x36" (61x91cm) SOLD to William Krueger, Tinley Park, IL USA. Click image for print options.


A painting about the fear of clowns, known as “coulrophobia”. I borrowed the title “Laughing In The Dark” from an episode of my favorite horror show as a kid “Are You Afraid Of The Dark?” about a fun house haunted by a ghost clown named Zebo. I placed the funhouse directly in the middle of the piece to represent it. I crammed as many of my favorite amusement park rides as I could, including my number one, the “Gravity Sphere”. “It’s the most fun in the park, when you’re laughing, laughing in the dark”.

Sultan's Stranglehold, c. Aug. 2009, 30"x40" (76x102cm) SOLD to Fred Whitehead, Kansas City KS USA through the David Jones Gallery. Click image for print options.


A painting about how class warfare still existed thousands of years ago. The sultan sits smugly on the palace balcony, summoning a genie from a bottle again, every wish come true. All the food, drink and women in the world abundant and available, while the serfs work tirelessly just to keep a roof above their heads.

Limp Impotence, c. Dec. 2009, 30"x40" (76x102cm) AVAILABLE. Click image to purchase.


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