2012-2013 Invented Game Paintings

All Paintings In This Series Are Acrylic On Canvas

Authority Slayer Arcade, c. March 2012, 48"x36" (122x91cm) AVAILABLE

Simply piece about violence in video games. At their core, games are pure and innocent, so I made this one as offensive as possible. That's why I included the anti-authority theme. Games like Grand Theft Auto always drew more media outcry than ones like Super Mario Bothers. If I'd made my opener to "Friendly Competition" pure and innocent it wouldn't draw as much attention, so I didn't. 

Genetic Lottery, c. May 2012, 36"x48" (91x122cm) SOLD to Nick Pearce, Grand Rapids MI, USA

A painting about the hands we are dealt at birth, by fate and chance. Biologically speaking we are bound by gender, race, height, body type and ancestry. Environmentally we start from different cultures, financial classes, with different neighbors. Survival of the fittest has been replaced with economic warfare and visual superficiality, making life a competition like a game of poker. Some begin with great hands, others need to turn some cards in. At the end of the round, only you are responsible for whether you win or lose. Unfair starting points are the law of the land.

Cheating Spouses, c. Aug. 2012, 48"x36" (122x91cm) AVAILABLE

A theme that's as every bit as old as the committed relationship, I felt it deserved to be turned into an official board game once and for all. A husband and wife can play with two figurines and a twenty sided dice. Whoever gets caught cheating first loses! Leaving tell tale signs doesn't help your chances either. Everyone in a monogamous relationship has thought about it - why not turn that desire into a test of wills? I am marketing this painting as a board game with pieces and dice. So pull up a seat! Because if a couple are too scared to play...chances are they have already lost! 

Abducted, c. March 2013, 36"x36" (91x91cm) SOLD to Kristin Skyrud

All abductees start at the beginning. Player that undergoes the least amount of surguries before returning home wins. Frontal lobotomies, gender reassignments, spinal taps and artificial inseminations are just a few of the operations that may be performed. The only trace passengers will have of their UFO journey will be fragmented flashbacks after the aliens erase their memories. Abductees deemed unfit for return will have dignified autopsies performed, with bones and organs respectively harvested on the extraterrestrial black market.

Demonology, c. July 2013, 48"x48" (122x122cm) AVAILABLE

Game comes with duplicate planchettes and six sided dice. Traditional Ouija Board sold separately; not necessary for use but recommended for maximum effectiveness. Players start on the globe and use divination tools, cards, and dice to decipher which demons to conjure. Carnal knowledge provided by the entities may or may not be used; consistent devotion and sacrifice will take players farther, quicker. Warning: once entry into the nine levels has been accomplished, players will be trapped by the board until at least this lifetime expires. Death only brings temporary relief, as reincarnation of predestination cycles. Only those willing to trade happiness for intelligence should play. For entertainment purposes only, parental guidance suggested for those under 17 years of age.

Assisted Suicide, c. Aug. 2013, 30"x40" (76x102cm) SOLD to Kristin Skyrud, Topeka KS, USA

Rules: Whoever dies first wins, whoever lives longest loses. All the most popular methods are right at your fingertips. Skyscrapers for jumping, nooses for hanging, blades for wrist slitting, drugs for overdoses, guns for blowing brains out, concrete blocks chained to ankle's for drowning; even Kevorkian's infamous "suicide machine" is an option! Just don't screw up! You wouldn't want to be looked at as a failure in death just like you were in life. And if you couldn't bear to live before the botched attempt ...odds are your "second chance" won't be any better than your first. So pull up a seat! If you're so oversensitive you can't appreciate a sick joke when you hear it the world is probably better off without you anyway. DO IT!!!