2012-2015 Tabletop Paintings

All Paintings In This Series Are Acrylic On Canvas

Adult Candiland, c. Oct. 2012, 36"x48" (91x122cm) AVAILABLE. Click image to purchase original.

I switched out the different types of candies from the original game in exchange for drug types, sex positions and BDSM activities. The rules are as follows: Play with 6-Sided dice: Must have two non-family members of each sex and all necessary food and drugs available to play. Refusal to sample a substance or action results in ejection. Whoever finishes last and gets to enjoy life the most, wins.?

Guess Who's Painting - c. Nov. 2012, 48"x48" (122x122cm) AVAILABLE. Click image to purchase original.

I combined the guessing game and it’s identity theme to the social media phenomenon. Set in a Facebook layout, the computer pointer, helicopters, and cameras are all searching and scanning faces, both in real life and cyberspace. Anyone and everyone can be found and their actions traced, in a 21st century where privacy is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Type in a name, sketch out a face, click and wait for the database results. Who’s looking out for you??

Operating Table, c. Jan. 2013, 48"x36" (122x91cm) SOLD to Robert Bukaty, Overland Park KS, USA through the Todd Weiner Gallery. Click image for print options.

I included the health insurance angle to this new game to teach children that injuries and disease cost money; something the classic version fails to teach. Regardless of public opinion and government policy, those with riches and assets will always get better care than those without. The more money you have, the better chance you have of reaching old age. In this game, you play the patient, and plain luck in avoiding disease and injury combined with how much money you retain decides whether you win or lose. Just like real life!?

Mouse Trappings, c. April 2013, 48"x48" (122x122cm) AVAILABLE. Click image to purchase original.

I redesigned the cat & mouse game and tied the war on drugs into the theme. It can actually be played with a six sided dice and a few little hood rat figurines. Players add and subtract their profits based on what spaces they fall, and busts results in heavy fines and jail time. Consecutive busts result in longer sentences. In the end, half the players wind up outside the mousetrap and millionaires, the other half sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Just like real life!?

Magic Cards Paintings - 2x 40"x30" Canvases (102x76cm each) AVAILABLE. Click image to purchase original.

Trade in your hours and formalities down at your local card shop. There are no school bells, time clocks, deadlines, alarms or responsibilities. Only friends of the round table, there to cheer on their fellow knight. No one cares what you look like, what you do or how much you earn back in the real world, and everyone is a wizard, warlock, sorcerer or hero. The only?realities here are the roll of the dice, the luck of the draw, the thrill of the dual, who’s got the biggest dragon and controls the most powerful djinn. Players gloat with the thrill of victory and make excuses in the agony of defeat. But no one’s ever a tournament loser until the store closes, the lights go out, and the sad journey back home through parking lot is made. Only then is the magic spell truly broken.

Strip Twister, c. Oct. 2013, 48"x48" (122x122cm) SOLD to Jason Shepard, Atlanta GA, USA through the Todd Weiner Gallery. Click image for print options.

Ever thought about rubbing up against friends and perfect strangers just for the hell of it? Of course you have! Everyone has, even if they don’t have the honesty to admit it. Luckily for them, there’s Twister! Where they can act like they’re playing an innocent game for fun while stirring up sexual arousal and getting a perverse thrill; not that there’s anything wrong with that! In this game, ?accidentally? touching an ass, copping a feel, or even grabbing a crotch is not only socially acceptable, but flat out disappointing if it doesn’t occur. So enjoy learning the shapes of your neighbors while the board dial’s still spinning, and take off some clothes while you’re at it! Because the player who gets touched the most is always the winner!

Tarot Torture, c. Dec. 2013, 48"x36" (122x91cm) SOLD to Steven Ahlbom, Seattle WA, USA. Click image for print options.

I combined the themes of tarot cards and hell to symbolize the misery and sacrifice that go along with planning for one’s own future. Time and energy consumed by spinning the wheels is deadly to living in the moment, regardless of whether one believes in predestination or making their own luck. Thinking of tomorrow?may be a necessary evil to get ahead, achieve goals and realize dreams, but few are happier dreaming of possibilities than actually experiencing them. And those few who do, considered mad. It usually winds down to whether or not one considers their chronological timeline a laughing matter. Do you?

Jumangi c. Jan. 2014, 48"x60" (122x152cm) SOLD to Robert Bukaty, Leawood KS, USA through the Todd Weiner Gallery. Click image for print options.

?They fly at night, you better run, these winged things are not much fun. In the jungle you must wait, until the dice roll five or eight. A little bite will make you itch, make you sneeze, make you twitch. This will not be an easy mission, monkeys slow the expedition. His fangs are sharp,?he likes your taste, your party better move post haste. They grow much faster than bamboo, take care or they’ll come after you. Hunter from the darkest wild, makes you feel just like a child. Don’t be fooled, it isn’t thunder, staying put would be a blunder. Every month, at the quarter moon, they’ll be a monsoon in your lagoon. Beware the ground on which you stand, the floor moves quicker than the sand. Need a hand, well you just wait, we’ll lend a hand, as we each have eight. You’re almost there, with much at stake, but now the ground begins to quake. Jumangi!!!!?

Battle-Ship, c. June 2014, 48"x30" (122x76cm) SOLD to Robert Bukaty, Leawood KS, USA through the Todd Weiner Gallery. Click image for print options.

Sail the seven seas with honor as admiral of your own fleet of battleships. Captains and commanders await your orders on how best to defeat the enemy, while preventing as many casualties to their crews of men as possible. Cannons explode, rifles fire, bombs drop and vessels drown as the heat of war rises and falls with the waves of the ocean. 5 hits to sink the aircraft carriers, 3 for the cruisers, 2 for the destroyers and 4 for the battleships. There are too many islands to claim, pirates to kill, treasures to plunder and maidens to romance to be a yellow-bellied land lover all your life. So salute your superior officer or walk the plank! E-4 – Hit! – You sunk their battleship!

Scrabbled, c. Dec. 2014, 48"x48" (122x122cm) SOLD to Nick Pearce, Grand Rapids MI, USA. Click image for print options.

Abra Cadabra, hocus pocus, shemhamforash, open sesame. Words are like magic; those who can wield them, like sorcerers. Empires and entire civiliations have been bought and sold on that single premise. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it, and one person’s wish is, indeed, another’s command. But sometimes?things get lost in translation, meaning gets misinterpreted, and definitions get skewed. The letters on the board spell trouble when the only person holding the dictionary is the referee. It may just be a game, but games are meant to be won; so if it’s a matter of scrabbling someone over or being scrabbled over yourself, you better learn to scrabble. Glue that tile to the board!

Sorry, c. Jan. 2015, 48"x48" (122x122cm) SOLD to Jason Shepard, Atlanta GA, USA through the Todd Weiner Gallery. Click image for print options.

No one saves face playing the clockwise race of this diceless fiasco – sorry! If you want to win in the bitter end, you have to be an asshole – sorry! Dirty politics and double crosses are the unwritten law of the land – sorry! Once in first, now in last, don’t get comfy where you stand – sorry! Those who say they’re too proud to play just quit before they started – sorry! To someday confess they did even less than someone who claimed they farted – sorry! Load dynamite on the plane meanwhile, and have fun bombing your friends – sorry! As long as you smile, they can’t get too riled, they know what you’ll say in the end – sorry!

Trivial Pursuit, c. Feb, 2015, 48"x48" (122x122cm) SOLD to William Krueger, Tinley Park IL, USA. Click image for print options.

The brain is more like a sponge than a computer, and some sponges retain water more than others. To prove it, mature adults created children’s games to find out which family members in their house are the least intelligent. Whether it’s general knowledge or pop culture, after a couple hours around the wheel it’ll be much easier to tell the?smart alecks from the dumbasses. You either know it or you don’t, and while it’s embarrassing to admit ignorance, it’s even more humiliating being proven wrong. It doesnt take a stroke of genius to recall that data. Besides, as long as new information can be absorbed without any of the old becoming forgotten, is any of it useless??