Born 1982, USA.  I do original acrylic paintings of various subjects, and am currently in the middle of a series centering around “Brave New World”.  My previous game series “Friendly Competition” started out with invented games, but I gradually started including parodies of popular games.  I have done board games, such as “Operation”, “Mouse Trap”, and “Sorry”, video games such as “Grand Theft Auto”, “Tetris” and “Pac Man”, card games, and others.  I studied art under my father, master Kansas City based artist Michael Young.

Paintings look great in game rooms, living rooms, offices, businesses and personal spaces. Although I can’t sell reproductions of the ones that included trademarks, I do sell hand signed and numbered giclee prints of every image I legally can. All images have been professional scanned and color tested with care prior to selling the originals, and prints make great gifts for the hard to buy person.

No computers or mixed media were used whatsoever in these creations; all were made with acrylic paint. Customers who purchase originals will have their names listed on the site permanently next to the image of said painting, as a token of appreciation, unless a request for anonymity is made. Buyers of originals will also receive hand signed certificate of authenticity and hand writtten thank you letters, and their names will remain on the sites even if they choose to sell the paintings later.

Please, thoroughly enjoy, even if you can’t get one, and share with your family and friends. Thank you for visiting!