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Scanning, color testing, and printing of fine art paintings. By a professional artist, raised by a professional artist, trained by a professional photographer. Since 1982.

My print shop serves the greater Kansas City area and Northeast Kansas. Kansas City Missouri - Downtown, Midtown, Up Town. Independence, Missouri. Kansas City, Kansas and Wyandotte County. Johnson County, Lenexa, and Overland Park. Lawrence, Leavenworth, Topeka, Manhattan, Junction City and more!

As a Kansan since the age of five, I have personally lived, worked, or held art shows in almost all of the areas served at some point in my life. I am committed to getting you the best quality art scans and prints for the lowest prices.

The operation is located in historic Meriden, Kansas, west of beautiful Lake Perry.

I make bi-weekly runs to Kansas City and surrounding areas, and can set up deliveries of images and prints for an additional fee. Or, take a break from traditional painting for a day, and come talk with an expert in color testing, photoshop, scanning, and prints while we scan and print your art in person.

You can read about my art career here: Artist Resume

Scanning ~ Color Testing ~ Printing



Flatbed scanning captures your artworks to the best possible starting point. Light exposure is at a minimum, so colors don't bounce, as can happen with photography. We specialize in producing the best digital images of original paintings possible - oils, acrylic, and watercolors, in particular.

The focus of the scans offer crisp, clean images that are the same resolution of the originals. Our setup allows us to scan a full 48"x60" or 36"x72"original painting in house!

Scan prices include touching up of sides and corners, fixing other imperfections, rotating, cropping, a 1080 web ready jpg, and, of course, a full resolution, 300 DPI TIF file.

Scanned images can be transferred to a personal hard drive. Images can also be emailed, with the artists consent. I DO NOT use clouds.

PRICING - 300 dpi High-resolution Flatbed Scans

Film Scans - Transparency, Negative, Slide

Before the early 2000's, most photography was done with film, slides, transparencies, and negatives.

Although rare these days, photographers do still use this older technology. Some even swear by it, and claim film to be superior in many ways to digital photography.

My partner in printing, a professional photographer since 1982, bestowed upon me his wisdom in scanning, processing, and color testing older slides, negatives and transparencies.

I am proud to say my scanners have A3 units that can capture your older photos of art to the fullest resolution of the original photograph. I can then color test and print those old photos as the highest quality reproductions that your photo allows. The only thing I can't fix is bad photography!

Pricing for film scans are as follows. Color testing and printing of film is the same price as in house scans.

PRICING - 300 dpi High-resolution Film Scans
Color Test Prints Landing Page BNW 10 Medication Time

Color Testing

Color testing is a crucial step for quality prints, and we do it better than anyone! We cannot, however, guarantee the quality of any image that has not already been color tested on an Epson Sure Color P9000 printer....i.e., what we use.

We take tremendous pride in our ability to make our prints match original artworks as close as science allows.

The image is of an acrylic painting. As you can see the contrast, sharpness, depth and colors of the smaller print perfectly match the original to the right. If anything, as a color fan, I have saturated the print slightly more, making the inks pop even more than acrylic paint allows.

We can make your art prints look like this!

We WELCOME artists to watch and work with us during the color testing process to achieve unbeatable results. Something most other printers don't do!

Printing of images not scanned by Above The Rest must still be color tested and approved before printing, and are subject to an additional color test charge, in addition to normal charges.

PRICING - Color Testing


We use an Epson Surecolor P9000. Our printer holds ELEVEN different ink cartridges, for a wider color gamut than most others printing artwork in east Kansas and west Missouri.

We print on matte paper for affordable prints, fine art paper for larger, more durable prints, and canvas, for even larger prints that are easy to stretch. We are in the process of offering stretched canvas, but at the moment we only print, we do not frame. Rest assured, when you see our quality, you'll be glad you didn't have the framer print it!

All paper prints include a white border, sized appropriately for optimum framing. Additional signature space on square and vertical images available upon request.

Canvas prints are sprayed with a professional varnish that protects the image from UV inhibitors, non-yellowing, and light water exposure.

Canvas print prices include additional border for stretching, as well as any color border you wish, up to and including mirror and intelligent fill wrapping.

20"x24" size prints and smaller can be placed behind acid-free board and wrapped in plastic for easy transport or sale at an additional 18% charge.

PRICING - Single Matte Paper Prints
Single Fine Art Prints
Single Matte Canvas with Warp

Digital Retouching and Restoration

$65 per hour.


For those who cannot pick up in person. Canvas and fine art prints can be rolled in tubes for easy shipping or transport for $20 a tube for 1-2 canvases less than 24”  in width, or $30 for 1-2 canvases greater than 24”.

$20 Charge to ship 20” matte prints - $10 to cover the cost of shipping, $10 for handling

$40 Charge to ship canvas or fine art paper prints, $15 to cover shipping, $25 for handling.

Questions on Scans and Printing? Personally Contact Ian Here

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