Event Photos

Mass Collection of photos taken at Ian Young Art shows over the years. ?First solo shows were held in 2012 at a rock n roll dive called the Czar Bar. ?Paintings have since been shown for public display at a wide variety of venues; talent shows, comic and gaming conventions,?family shows, group shows, and galleries large and small. ?My primary venue is now the Todd Weiner Gallery, which is part of the Crossroads Arts District, downtown Kansas City MO. ?All setlists are of original paintings displayed, and do not include any prints or reproductions that may have also been shown. ?The major show tabs reveal?extensive photos of the events as well as official setlists and details. ?For the official?comprehensive written?list of every show?and painting?displayed, visit show history tab.

Peekaboo Gallery, Pasadena CA, USA

Grand Opening May 26th, 2018