2019-2022 The History Of Technology

After completing Brave New World at the end of 2018, I had an enormous decision to make. ?Do I go back to painting games, and selling them one at a time, individually, like I did before? ?Or….do I dare try to make another twelve painting series, but bigger…..better….with a more original idea….and NO financial backing….than Brave New World? ?I tried finishing a few of the game paintings I’d started before I was approached to paint Brave New World…..but could not muster the desire to work on them. ? I attempted to sketch out blueprints for more game paintings….but was not excited or pleased with what I came up with. ? I would be doing what I was doing before, just more of the same.

Deep down, in my heart of hearts, I wanted to “beat” Brave New World with another large scale, long term concept series. ? After months of research, and narrowing down the subject matter to two or three very strong choices, I decided on The History Of Technology, a timeline of paintings detailing human invention, in a “never before” type of look. ?I’d been studying art history more than ever before, and decided I wanted to invent my own style, that was a mix of modern art, illustration, abstract, and cartography. ?After more months of developing the new style, I finished the first painting, “The Stone Age”, featured in the above photograph.

The second paining “The Bronze Age”, is essentially complete, and the third through seventh paintings are all at various stages of completion. ?Like with Brave New World, none of them will be technically “done” until all twelve are ready to be signed, scanned, and shown. ? Hence the delay in “new material” over the last two or three years. ?I AM working on art, very hard….I refuse to put out anything that can be categorized as “illustration”. ? Not that I mind illustration, I LOVE it, significantly more than abstract, or modern art, at which I often roll my eyes. ?I want to do something different, that’s still education, a truthful representation of society and history, and has a strong message.

The History Of Technology, from an ownership standpoint, is no longer available. ?Those interested in owning an original Ian Young painting can still find a handful available on this site, OR, should email me direct at iyoungfineart@gmail.com. ?Please know I prefer concept series of multiple paintings, and I have lost patience in doing “one offs”, to the point that I may not paint them ever again, with the possible exception of a very large scale mural under the right circumstances, to the right client. ?Future series must be at least six paintings, preferably eight to twelve, that fit a common theme and style, that I believe will look good with my style of art and, more importantly, stand the test of time.

After completing Brave New World, I wanted to “beat it” with another large scale, long term concept series, After months of research, I came up with The History Of Technology, a timeline of paintings detailing human invention in a new style. ?After more months of developing the new style, I finished the first painting, The Stone Age. ?A few months after that, I took the painting to show at The Jones Gallery of Kansas City Missouri, the same gallery that premiered Brave New World in 2018, before it was shown at the Mulvane Art Museum of Topeka Kansas in 2019. ?The History Of Technology series is still under construction. ?Plans are to donate the series to a museum committed to showing it on a regular basis. Opportunities to co-fund the series with credit given via plaques and certificates are available.