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Giclee prints – Paper and canvas – Hand signed & numbered – Limited editions.

This print is perfect for anyone into conspiracy theories, shadow governments, or the occult. Fans of shock art should buy prints for their walls. This print fits any room with Halloween themes, cult themes, or puzzles. Your friends will be impressed when they see it!



Giclee Prints – Paper And Canvas

The grand finale of special education, I borrowed the title from the unrelated failed academic policy of the United States. This painting encompasses the message I wanted the series as a whole to convey; that adults, particularly in fields directly involved, don’t always have kid’s best interests at heart. Forced institutions shape the youth of tomorrow into preserving and passing on those same institutions to their kids, over and over again, forever. Advances can be made in other fields but education, money and religion will always reign supreme as the ultimate measuring sticks for intellectual potential, personal worth and moral standard. They work in the majority of cases, keeping minds of maturing youth confined to traditional beliefs like they were meant. “Sacrificing” potential for change, individuality, and originality, in order to preserve themselves first and foremost; little or no regard paid to the damage they doing to innocent kids in the process.

  • Matte Prints have image size 16″x22″ on 18″x24″ (46 cm x 61 cm) size paper. Hand signed & numbered, 400 Limited Edition.
  • Fine Art Paper Prints have image size 27″x36″ on 30″x40″ ( 76 cm x 102 cm) size paper. Hand signed & numbered, 5 Limited Edition.
  • Canvas Prints have 30″x40″ (76 cm x 102 cm) image size on 33″x45″ size canvas for wrapping. Hand signed & numbered, 25 Limited Edition.

All prints come rolled and shipped in a tube.

Original painted in September 2011, 30″x40″ (76cm x 102cm) acrylic on panel – SOLD to Yow Ju Joan, Singapore.

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Canvas Print – 30" x 40", Fine Art Paper Print – 30" x 40", Matte Print – 18" x 24"