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Giclee prints – Paper and canvas – Hand signed & numbered – Limited editions.

This print is perfect for anyone into tabletop games, crossword puzzles, or spelling bees. Fans of classic board games should buy prints for their walls. This print fits any room with board game themes, language themes, or puzzles. Your friends will be impressed when they see it!



Giclee Prints – Paper and Canvas

Abra Cadabra, hocus pocus, shemhamforash, open sesame. Words are like magic; those who can wield them, like sorcerers. Empires and entire civilizations have been bought and sold on that single premise. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it, and one person’s wish is, indeed, another’s command. But sometimes things get lost in translation, meaning gets misinterpreted, and definitions get skewed. The letters on the board spell trouble when the only person holding the dictionary is the referee. It may just be a game, but games are meant to be won; so if it’s a matter of scrabbling someone over or being scrabbled over yourself, you better learn to scrabble. Glue that tile to the board.

  • Matte Prints have image size 18″x18″ on 20″x20″ (51 cm x 51 cm) size paper. Hand signed and numbered, 400 Limited Edition.
  • Fine Art Paper Prints have image size 33″x33″ on 36″x36″ ( 91 cm x 91 cm) size paper. Hand signed and numbered, 5 Limited Edition.
  • Canvas Prints have 36″x36″ (91 cm x 91 cm) image size on 40″x40″ size canvas for wrapping. Hand signed and numbered, 25 Limited Edition.
  • Jumbo Canvas Prints have 39″x39″ (100 cm x 100 cm) image size on 44″x44″ size canvas for wrapping. Hand signed & numbered, 5 Limited Edition.

All prints come rolled and shipped in a tube.

Original painted in December 2014, 48″x48″ (122 cm x 122 cm) acrylic on canvas, hand painted sides – SOLD to Nick Pearce, Grand Rapids MI, USA.


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Canvas Print – 36" x 36", Jumbo Canvas – 40" x 40", Matte Print – 20" x 20", Fine Art Paper Print | 30" x 30"