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Giclee prints – Paper and canvas – Hand signed & numbered – Limited editions.

This print is perfect for anyone into classic arcade games, Game Of Thrones, or science fiction. Fans of The Golden Age Of Gaming should buy prints for their walls. This print fits any room with Renaissance themes, video games, or dragons. Your friends will be impressed when they see it!



Giclee Prints  – Paper and Canvas

Put on your armor and helmet, but drop your sword you’re going jousting! In the future, you won’t be riding horses, but flying ostriches your rulers hatch themselves. Your honor as a knight is at stake, and your performance could determine whether you wind up marrying a beautiful princess in royalty, or a homely hand maiden in squalor. Hold the stick steady, your shield, tight, and brace yourself one bad decision, and it’s off with your head. You may also become dragon food, or wind up melting to death in a pit of hot lava. So slide in a quarter, and find out whether you’re a noble warrior or a foolish court jester. Let’s joust!

  • Matte Prints have image size 11″x21″ on 13″x24″ (33 cm x 61 cm) size paper.  Hand signed & numbered, 400 Limited Edition.
  • Fine Art Paper Prints have image size 16″x32″ on 20″x36″ ( 51 cm x 91 cm) size paper.  Hand signed & numbered, 5 Limited Edition.
  • Canvas Prints have 20″x40″ (51 cm x 102 cm) image size on 24″x45″ size canvas for wrapping.  Hand signed & numbered, 25 Limited Edition.
  • Jumbo Canvas Prints have 24″x48″ (61 cm x 122 cm) image size on 40″x52″ size canvas for wrapping.  Hand signed & numbered, 5 Limited Edition

All prints come rolled and shipped in a tube.

Original painted in July 2017, 24″x48″ (61cm x 122cm) acrylic on canvas – SOLD to Sam and Jean McNear, Beaverton, OR, USA

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Canvas Print – 18" x 36", Canvas Print – 24" x 48", Fine Art Paper Print – 20" x 36", Matte Print – 13" x 24"