Burger Time | Giclee Prints


Giclee prints – Paper and canvas – Hand signed & numbered – Limited editions.

Your friends will be impressed seeing this original painting on your wall. It would also make the perfect gift for a foodie, restaurant owner, or someone with their own arcade. This painting was featured on the KTLA Los Angeles Channel 5 News in July 2018 as part of a show at the Peekaboo Gallery.  A status symbol, for sure to appreciate in time!



Giclee Prints

  • Original painted in August 2017, 24″x30″ (61cm x 76cm) acrylic on panel – SOLD to Richard Talley, Newport Beach, CA, USA.
  • Matte prints have image size 16″x22″ on 20″x24″ (51 cm x 61 cm) size paper. Hand signed & numbered, 400 Limited Edition.
  • Fine Art Paper Prints have image size 21″x27″ on 24″x30″ ( 61 cm x 76 cm) size paper. Hand signed & numbered, 5 Limited Edition.
  • Canvas Prints have 24″x30″ (61 cm x 76 cm) image size on 28″x34″ size canvas for wrapping. Hand signed & numbered, 25 Limited Edition.

All prints come rolled and shipped in a tube.

For many people, flipping grade D beef hamburgers is their first job, in addition to being their first video game. You won’t get to work the grill until you’ve degreased the fryers a few times first, but someday you could make chef, maybe even assistant manager! You’ll have to accept starting at minimum wage, but the food is half price, and what’s to stop you from sneaking a bite when the boss isn’t looking? You can pile on extra onions and cheese, or spit on sandwiches of rude customers, or throw pickles at coworkers or give yourself a brain freeze drinking straight from the shake machine. So pull up to the clown speaker to place your order, pay at window one, pick up at window two, dine in, or carry out. Large size is only one dollar extra, so have it your way, I’m lovin it!