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Giclee prints – Paper and canvas – Hand signed & numbered – Limited editions.

This print is perfect for anyone into classic sci-fi, laboratories, or genetics. Fans of dystopian science fiction should buy Brave New World prints for their walls. This print fits any room with themes of chemistry, nurseries, or fertility.



Giclee Prints, Paper and Canvas

  • Matte Prints have image size 14″x18″ on 16″x20″ (41cm x 51 cm) size paper.  Hand signed & numbered, 400 Limited Edition.
  • Canvas Prints have 16″x20″ (41 cm x 51 cm) image size on 20″x24″ size canvas for wrapping.  Hand signed & numbered, 25 Limited Edition.

Whole sets of smaller 11″x14″ (28cm x 36cm) larger 20″x24″ (51cm x 61cm) prints of the twelve Brave New World paintings are also available.

All prints come rolled and shipped in a tube.

Original painted in February, 2018, 20″x24″ (51cm x 61cm) acrylic on panel – SOLD to Fred Whitehead, Kansas City KS, USA through the Jones Gallery.

Human beings are grown; not born. They are genetically engineered based on the needs of society to be Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, or Epsilon, and wear respective colors. Alphas control, Betas and Gammas work in health and communication fields, Deltas and Epsilons do physical and menial labor.

A new person is grown only when one of the same caste passes; over the centuries, we have determined the optimum numbers, so there’s always the perfect amount of people, and all the right kinds, for just the right jobs. It is universally preached all castes are of equal importance.

Alphas and Betas can technically reproduce, but it is strictly prohibited; their sperm and ova are frozen by the state solely for bio-engineering the next generation. Lower castes are cloned, mass produced, and have fully functional sex drives; but are born sterile.

These processes were initially frowned upon and labeled “eugenics” when introduced. But, after the great population wars of the mid to late 21st century, the masses granted world government indefinite power to control, and we have gone on controlling peacefully since. Only on experimental islands, and rarer, electronically fenced savage reservations, are primitives still allowed to give viviparous birth.

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Canvas Print – 16" x 20", Matte Print – 16" x 20"