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Giclee prints – Paper and canvas – Hand signed & numbered – Limited editions.

This print is perfect for anyone into classic sci-fi, surrealism, or desert landscapes. Fans of dystopian science fiction should buy Brave New World prints for their walls. This print also fits any room with themes of Native Americans, the American Southwest, or travel to distant lands.


Giclee Prints, Paper and Canvas

  • Matte Prints have image size 14″x18″ on 16″x20″ (41cm x 51 cm) size paper.  Hand signed & numbered, 400 Limited Edition.
  • Canvas Prints have 16″x20″ (41 cm x 51 cm) image size on 20″x24″ size canvas for wrapping.  Hand signed & numbered, 25 Limited Edition.

Whole sets of smaller 11″x14″ (28cm x 36cm) larger 20″x24″ (51cm x 61cm) prints of the twelve Brave New World paintings are also available.

All prints come rolled and shipped in a tube.

Original painted in May, 2018, 20″x24″ (51cm x 61cm) acrylic on panel – SOLD to Fred Whitehead, Kansas City KS, USA through the Jones Gallery.

The trouble began when I allowed Bernard to take a holiday to the same reservation where Linda Lisinko had been abandoned some thirty years ago. Mr. Marx was more problematic with his superiors than usual around this time, particularly, with the same exact Thomas Graham Bell who’d left her in the southwest. I’d hoped experiencing something out of the ordinary would get Bernard to fly right, and had no way of knowing the truth about what had transpired in the desert.

Mr. Marx took a girl, Lenina Crowell, and I received a much-needed vacation from dealing with Bernard. I then got a telecall from them shortly before they were to return, claiming they’d found two members of civilization on the reservation; one of which was a Beta Minus, the other her…son…. a word I had not heard for years before Bernard sheepishly muttered it. He wanted to bring the two back with him and run a study, and I allowed it. Technically, this sort of experiment fit Bernard’s job description… I hadn’t the faintest idea this action would put into motion my own dismissal and subsequent banishment.

It was only upon meeting the son, and recognizing the Beta Minus from many, many years ago, that it dawned on me who she was… but before I could take corrective measures, the news went viral.

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Canvas Print – 16" x 20", Matte Print – 16" x 20"