Oh, Brave New World: The Riot Of The Deltas, Violence During Medication Time Prints


Giclee Prints – Paper and Canvas – Hand Signed And Numbered – Limited Editions

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Giclee Prints, Paper And Canvas

Matte Prints have image size 14″x18″ on 16″x20″ (41cm x 51 cm) size paper.  Hand signed and numbered, 400 Limited Edition.

Canvas Prints have 16″x20″ (41 cm x 51 cm) image size on 20″x24″ size canvas for wrapping.  Hand signed and numbered, 25 Limited Edition.

Whole sets of larger 20″x24″ (51cm x 61cm) prints of the twelve Brave New World paintings are also available.

All prints come rolled and shipped in a tube.

Original Painted In Oct. 2018, 20″x24″ (51cm x 61cm) Acrylic On Panel – SOLD to Fred Whitehead, Kansas City KS, USA through the Jones Gallery

There was footage after The Savage left Linda?s side that haunts me to this day. Tears down his face, John gazed upon medication time, and muttered to himself, in sarcastic despair ?How beauteous man- kind is! O brave new world?? a line from my all-time favorite piece of smut: William Shakespeare?s ?The Tempest.? Second and third opinions from mechanical and human lip-readers both confirmed it was, indeed, that specific line.

Still in agony over the events at the hospital, John vandalized the dispen-sary centers, dumped most of the pills out of the windows, and screamed for revolution. The Deltas formed a mob to confront John… when Bernard, along with close friend and brilliant jingle-writer Helmholtz Watson, assisted The Savage in the destruction. A full-blown riot broke out, complete with black eyes, broken noses, and trips to the emergency room.

By the time I arrived, the police had already shown up, and laughing-gassed the three perpetrators into hysterical fits of submission. But the story had broken, and other World Controllers expected me to lay down he law. Too many scandals had taken place in too short a time on my watch, and my reputation was slipping into jeopardy.

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Canvas Print – 16" x 20", Matte Print – 16" x 20"