South By Southwest: The Mockumentary, And The Electro-Shredding Of The Lighthouse Footage


Giclee Prints – Paper and Canvas – Hand Signed And Numbered – Limited Editions

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Giclee Prints, Paper And Canvas

Matte Prints have image size 14″x18″ on 16″x20″ (41cm x 51 cm) size paper.  Hand signed and numbered, 400 Limited Edition.

Canvas Prints have 16″x20″ (41 cm x 51 cm) image size on 20″x24″ size canvas for wrapping.  Hand signed and numbered, 25 Limited Edition.

Whole sets of larger 20″x24″ (51cm x 61cm) prints of the twelve Brave New World paintings are also available.

All prints come rolled and shipped in a tube.

Original Painted In Dec. 2018, 20″x24″ (51cm x 61cm) Acrylic On Panel – SOLD to Fred Whitehead, Kansas City KS, USA through the Jones Gallery

XII: I hired acclaimed comedic feelie director Darwin Bonopart to shoot a parody of John. We’d clipped together his ceremonial self-flagellation sessions into reels of side-splitting hilarity weeks before, but wanted more footage. We laughing-gassed The Savage with the highest doses he’d ever taken, so he’d lose any capacity to retain his convictions. John engaged with so many females over the course of the night, the most esteemed pornographic political figures of the community tipped their hats. Even Lenina finally got her turn – on film. The motion picture was to be so sexual, funny, and in line with 26th century morality, it not only had the potential to fix my reputation, it could’ve been nominated Film Of The Year.

Upon waking though, The Savage, remembering the drugs or orgies…or because he missed Lenina….or his mother….for some reason….hung himself. John’s was the first suicide in so long, the media forgot the laws forbidding the report. It broke while we were editing together more whip scenes, and I grew sick. I calculated the odds of remaining in my position, when the police arrived to deport me. I’d preached against the supernatural my whole life, and never believed in it. But as I was led away, I saw apparitions and ghosts from New Mexico, just as Thomas had described, as real in my eyes as the cinematographers, cursing me. And I know they were more than just drug, or stressed induced hallucinations.

I try to remember Helmholtz Watson, right before he went to the Falklands, and keep his same attitude. But I was happiest when I ruled the living….not creating inanimate artworks from afar…and I fear I will be forever miserable, like Bernard. At least some of the natives and exiles on the island enjoy my twelve paintings, and I can be proud of that. I can also read and discuss ‘The Tempest’ openly. But unlike Prospero, my jailers are not people who betrayed me, and I won’t be embarking on any glorified karmic justice in this lifetime. Rather, my keeper is the ghost of an innocent young man I mistreated, whom I can never ask for forgiveness, and will haunt me from beyond the ocean’s horizon line until the day I die.

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