Cheating Spouses | 48″x36″ Original Acrylic Painting


Original painting – circa August 2012 – 48″x36″ (122cm x91cm) acrylic on canvas – hand painted sides.

Impress your friends by hanging this large scale Ian Young original on your wall. Fans of eroticism, shock art, or board games will enjoy this conversation piece at your next get together. It’s so evil and twisted, they won’t be able to look away!  A status symbol, for sure to appreciate in time.


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A theme that’s as every bit as old as the committed relationship, I felt it deserved to be turned into an official board game once and for all. A husband and wife can play with two figurines and a twenty sided dice. Whoever gets caught cheating first loses!  Leaving tell tale signs doesn’t help your chances either. Everyone in a monogamous relationship has thought about it – why not turn that desire into a test of wills?  I am marketing this painting as a board game with pieces and dice. So pull up a seat!   Because if a couple are too scared to play…chances are they have already lost!