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Giclee Prints ?- Paper And Canvas – Hand Signed And Numbered – Limited Editions

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Giclee Prints ?- Paper And Canvas

Ribbet, ribbet. Oncoming headlights from traffic speed through the highway down by the river banks. Your fellow frogs, toads and tadpoles await you on the other side, with feasts of flies,grasshoppers, and worms. But first you must cross the freeway, where semi trucks and motorcycles race to squash you like pancake, spilling your cute little froggy guts all over the shoulder of the road. Should you live, you than cross the river, where undertows and predators lurk just beneath the water?s surface, ready to devour you should you slip off a snapping turtle or log. So join Jerry, Costanza and Cosmos Kramer down at Mario?s Pizza, where you won?t have to risk helping George push the arcade machine across the street on a battery just to see if you can beat his high score. Don?t get too much mozarella grease on the joystick either. Splat!!!

Matte Prints have image size 16″x22″ on 18″x24″ (46 cm x 61 cm) size paper.? Hand signed and numbered, 400 Limited Edition.

Fine Art Paper Prints have image size 27″x36″ on 30″x40″ ( 76 cm x 102 cm) size paper.? Hand signed and numbered, 5 Limited Edition.

Canvas Prints have 30″x40″ (76 cm x 102 cm) image size on 33″x45″ size canvas for wrapping.? Hand signed and numbered, 25 Limited Edition.

All prints come rolled and shipped in a tube.

Original Painted In August 2014, 30″x40″ (76cm x 102cm) Acrylic On Canvas – SOLD to Robert Bukaty, Overland Park KS, USA through the Todd Weiner Gallery

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Canvas Print – 30" x 40", Fine Art Paper Print – 30" x 40", Matte Print – 18" x 24"