Magic Cards | 40″x60″ Original Acrylic Painting


Original paintings – circa September 2013 – two (2x) = 40″x30″ (102cm x76cm) canvas paintings – 40″x60″ total length (102cm x 152cm) together – acrylic on canvas – hand painted sides.

Impress your friends by hanging these large scale, Ian Young originals on your wall. This is the only diptych I have ever done, so these paintings are very unique.  Fans of collectible card games will enjoy this conversation piece at their next get together! A status symbol, for sure to appreciate in time.


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Trade in your hours and formalities down at your local card shop. There are no school bells, time clocks, deadlines, alarms or responsibilities. Only friends of the round table, there to cheer on their fellow knight. No one cares what you look like, what you do or how much you earn back in the real world, and everyone is a wizard, warlock, sorcerer or hero. The only realities here are the roll of the dice, the luck of the draw, the thrill of the dual, who’s got the biggest dragon and controls the most powerful djinn. Players gloat with the thrill of victory and make excuses in the agony of defeat. But no one’s ever a tournament loser until the store closes, the lights go out, and the sad journey back home through parking lot is made. Only then is the magic spell truly broken.