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Giclee Prints ?- Paper And Canvas – Hand Signed And Numbered – Limited Editions

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Giclee Prints ?- Paper And Canvas

Some think the birthplace of digital gaming was in the backroom of a Japanese computer store, when it may have started on the tarmac of a tennis court. And it may not have originated in the form of am electronics geek with pimples and a pocket protector; but a beautiful valley girl with a visor and a racket. Left and right, back and forth, one love, two love, score! Sliding a quarter down the slot is the 21st century equivalent of starting up a ball machine. What once was a training exercise for the body has develeoped into entertainment for the mind. But with a scoring sytem, like ping pong, that actually makes sense.

Matte Prints have image size 16″x22″ on 18″x24″ (46 cm x 61 cm) size paper.? Hand signed and numbered, 400 Limited Edition.

Fine Art Paper Prints have image size 27″x36″ on 30″x40″ ( 76 cm x 102 cm) size paper.? Hand signed and numbered, 5 Limited Edition.

Canvas Prints have 30″x40″ (76 cm x 102 cm) image size on 33″x45″ size canvas for wrapping.? Hand signed and numbered, 25 Limited Edition.

All prints come rolled and shipped in a tube.

Original Painted In March 2015, 30″x40″ (76cm x 102cm) Acrylic On Panel – AVAILABLE

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Canvas Print – 30" x 40", Fine Art Paper Print – 30" x 40", Matte Print – 18" x 24"