Show – 11-02-2018 “Brave New World” at Jones Gallery, 1717 Walnut, Kansas City MO USA

The November 2nd, 2018 unveiling of the 2018 concept 12-painting series at the Jones Gallery, purchased by Fred Whitehead, of Kansas City Kansas. Click to see Brave New World paintings and read story cliff notes.

Ian Young (from left), Fred Whitehead, David Jones

With Kristin Skyrud in front of "Oh Brave New World"

Guests enjoying the second half of Brave New World

Guests enjoying the first half of Brave New World

Michael Young, (from left) Fred Whitehead, Ian Young

With Vickie Young in front of "Verdict"

Setlist of original paintings displayed:

  1. Prelude: Once Upon A Time In The American Southwest, The Untold Story

  2. Central Hatcheries Unit: Henry Foster's Nursery, Where The Human Beings Are Grown

  3. Mond's Speech: Introduction, Everyone Belongs To Everyone Else

  4. Alcohol In The Surrogate?: Bernard Marx, The Random Error

  5. John: Back On The Reservation, The Greeting Of The Savage

  6. Scandal: The Illegitimate Child, And The Deportation Of Thomas Grahm Bell

  7. Tour Of Civilization: Explanation Of Bokonavsky's Process, The Cloning Of The Twins

  8. Orgy Porgy: The Love Triangle Of Lenina Crowell, Dating And Sex In The 21st Century

  9. Death Appreciation Interrupted: The Not-So-Peaceful-Passing Of Linda Lisinko

  10. Oh, Brave New World: The Riot Of The Deltas, Violence During Medication Time

  11. Verdict: Two Islands And A Lighthouse, The Sentencing Of Mustapha Mond

  12. South By Southwest: The Mockumentary, And The Electro-shredding Of The Lighthouse Footage

Click to see Brave New World paintings and read story cliff notes